Looking for stereo speakers

I'm in Germany and looking to buy some stereo speakers. I normally run headphones with an integrated audio card but would like some stereo speakers when I have someone over. 

They will be used for 50% music (mostly Punk and Rock) and 40% for watching some shows and the occasional movie and then 10% for gaming. 

I'd like them to be balanced and compact.

There are tons of 2.1 systems to find in retail stores or Amazon, and I have no idea how to determine which are worth their price (which by the way shouldn't exceed 80-100€, preferably not even 50€). 

I'd like to just run them of my desktop's and laptop's Aux out port. 

This request has probably been seen a thousand times, but I am just completely overwhelmed by all the choices there are. I just want decent and balanced 2.0/2.1 sound off an Aux port with no bells and whistles.

Thanks for your help! :)

Some swear by Altec Lansing but Ive never used this brand. 84 $ USD


I myself have forgone the easy, 2.1 desktop setups and bought everything used (older receiver, used satellites and sub woofer) for my pc and its paid off. 


powered desktop speakers on the whole suck, if you want good audio get normal passive speakers and integrated amp/receiver if you care about sound quality.

Luckily for you, you live in Germany where some of the best audio equipment in the world is made.

If you want true audio quality, i'd suggest spending something like 400$ on an actual system for audio, but here are some suggestion. 

Cyber Acoustic CA 3602a (50$, on sale for 38$):  http://www.amazon.com/Cyber-Acoustics-Subwoofer-Satellite-CA-3602a/dp/B0027VT6V4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417317251&sr=8-1&keywords=Cyber+Acoustic+CA-3602a


I own these, these work fine for me. It has lots of positive review, so i'd give it a try, i also have Razer Surround Pro, so i used the EQ function on it whenever i listen to different type of music, i have never game with these on, i have a 350$ surround sound system for that and music :D

Also, this: http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-980-000402-Speaker-System-Black/dp/B003VAHYTG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417317481&sr=8-1&keywords=Logitech+2.1

I have used these for a few weeks, i listen mostly to classical and instrumental, so i dont know about punk and rock, but it sounds awesome with classical and instrumental. This, to me, is a bit better than the Cyber Acoustic, it's also Logitech, and their customer service is pretty good, so i wouldn't be afraid if i dont like it or it's defective.



P/s: I'd rather save up the money to at least more than 100 Euro, then buy a 2.1 system, with the budget you have, it's better to go with a pair of headset, since you can get a lot of decent headset within that price range.  

These sound somewhat decent for the price  ... meets your budget requirements

Logitech Z523 30W 2.1ch Speakers


Id go with the Logitech Z623. Last time i heard them they sounded fantastic. Gonna buy myself a pair soon hopefully.

they do sound pretty good for the price ... made for a smaller room though

Instead of starting a new thread with the same topic, i figured id just ask here.

Any recommendations for a decent 2.1 system? I know very little about non headphone audio equipment.

Something in the 100-250$ range

The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 is supposed to be pretty good for the price.

Aside from that you might be looking at somethimg a little more piecemeal (but would subjectively sound better)

I assume if I want to piecemeal, which is what I was looking to do I HAVE to have DAC for it?

Nope, you should just be able to connect the amp to any headphone or audio port on whatever source you are using. Like on the Lepai 2020A I linked all you’d need is an RCA to 3.5mm cable to connect to a desktop or phone or whatever, for example.

With that budget if you want good sound you could buy used speakers and a lepai amp. If you want something new just buy any of the new stuff it's about the same crap.

Alrighty, sold!

Time to replace my MX540 that I had for nearly a decade.

Yes buying speakers can be overwhelming, but I would say mainly due to lack of information in researching what to get, and myths perpetuated due to people not having an understanding of audio. Here are some clarifications:

-It is a myth that a set of speakers or headphones is better for gaming, music, movies, or whatever. A good set of speakers does not colour the audio (has a flat frequency response curve) and reproduces everything properly. A speaker should do everything equally well.

When a speaker is "good for X" it means that it has poor performance in a frequency range, or exaggerated performance in a frequency range. This by definition is a bad speaker.

-Gamers perpetuate the myth that $200 or more is "expensive' for a set of speakers, when in fact it is entry level for anyone who knows anything about audio. Most "PC speakers" are bad quality, and a waste of the $50-$100 or more that they are priced at.

Essentially a PC can leverage a home theatre system BETTER than a Blu Ray can. When the abilities of a $5000 (or more)home theatre system is being leveraged far more by a well designed PC game, why are PC gamers considering less than $200 as good enough? Because there is a lack of information and myth busting out there. Many people in home theatre say that diminishing returns for home theatre starts somewhere between the $5000-$10000 point, just to give some perspective on where increasing your budget from $100 or two will get you.

-Next is changing the gamer mindset. Gamers are conditioned to think of harware to be replaced every few years, and to look at prices as such. In reality, speakers and headphones will last decades, and should be one time purchases. It is better to save up and spend as much money as you can on as good a set of speakers as you can, and be grateful with that decision for years to come. Upgrading speakers every few years is expensive, and you will always be left with a collection of bad speaker sets.

In conclusion:

With all that said, I would recommend thinking of spending at least $500 for a set of stereo speakers. You can add on a sub and surround channels after that if you like.

My next recommendation is to not look at anything made for PC. Go to home audio stuff instead. Monoprice is an exception with some decent budget audio gear.

You could find very good stuff for cheap if you look hard enough.

Powered speakers don't suck by nature. They can be incredibly accurate, balanced, etc etc. The problem is that the ones that are typically sold/advertised for entry level stuff are garbage. They are not made for audiophiles or people who really care about audio because the audience for those who don't really care that much is much larger. They want to make things that sell, not things that are good values. If being a good value got them good sales, then they would do that. But that isn't always the case.

Anyway, my point is that power speakers can be really good, but at this price point, it is easier/cheaper to get a little lepai amp and some bookshelf speakers. Cheap, simple, easy to upgrade, good quality. You could also try going used.

www.monoprice.com and www.massdrop.com

Go there with information from above posts to make your choice.