Looking for something last things

Hey Tek,

My PC is finished (almost).

Just needs a few small things.

#1- Fans. Got any recommended pack of fans?

#2- Heatsink- I have a Zalman CNPS9000 Pure-Copper heatsink my buddy gave me. Only issue- no AMD mounting bracket.

So If anyone can help me out here, that'd be great

Thanks again Tek. You guys rock


(Oh, here's to prove that I actually have said heatsink)



Oh, last thing- case.

Is the NZXT Source 210 a good $40 case?

Yeah its a pretty good budget case.  I would try to shoot for the Corsair 200R though as it has more features for a little bit more money.

Fans: Noctua NH-F12 if you've got money to spend.  Corsair AF120 is my next choice.  After that would be Fractal Design's silent series r2.

Use the stock cooler for your chip?  You can try contacting zalman but it isn't really worth the hassle imo.