Looking for some new Metal bands in every sub-genre. Help me out!

Hey guys and gals! So I have been into metal for a long time but have been trying recently to expand my horizon in terms of different sub-genres and bands.

So to help you recommend bands to me here are some I've been listening to (and enjoyed) recently:
Amon Amarth, Baroness, Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Ensiferum, Grand Magus, Mastodon, Metroid Metal, Rage Against the Machine, Rush, Soundgarden, The Sword, System of a Down, Torche, Wolfmother, 3 Inches of Blood and a few more...

And If it's not to much to ask, could I get some suggestions without harsh vocals also? Thanks everyone!  

Illdiance, Soultion .45, Scar Symmetry, Dawn of Demise. I've got a really good list

If you havent already heard of them look up Wintersun, its the band Jari from Ensiferum broke off to make and its great. They finally released there new album the other day after an eight year wait lol.

Someone sent this to me. Worth the check. Band is called "The Viva" and the song is called "Falling Down."


Bison, Turisas, Tyr, Sigh, X Japan


It's not really what I'm looking for... Thanks anyways!


I dig it.  Anything else?

How about something like Baroness, Mastodon, Ensiferum or The Sword? Or any of the other bands I listed I guess.

Insomnium for sure! Opeth, Before the Dawn, Between the Buried and Me, The Man-Eating Tree, Mors Principium Est, and Noumena are some of my favorites. Also try my newest favorite La Dispute; they are really different but awesome IMO and theyre without harsh vocals.

Here is a vareity. Some bands I know you have on your list

Amon AmarthBlack Label SocietyRageTestamentRammstein,Threat SignalScar SymmetryHammerfallDragonforceSonata ArcticaDerdianMetallicaChimaira. In FlamesTherionAyreon,In This MomentFinntrollStahlmannFlyleafThe Word Alive,Decrepit BirthEx DeoEluveitieDef LeppardIn ExtremoGreat Was The FallDemons & WizardsAfter ForeverIllidiance,ShakraAnthraxCreedIron MaidenFirewindThe Unguided,Bon JoviREO SpeedWagonGuns N’ RosesGeneration LandslideWhitesnakeSonic SyndicateEuropeMegadeath,MellowtoyVan HalenSwashbuckleSlayerKissOzzy Osbourne,DeathstarsThe AgonistMasterplanDivine HeresySuicide SilenceAC/DCAsphyxWitcheryInsidious DiseaseIn Progress,manOwarBronsonThe Acacia StrainUnearthAs I Lay Dying,Drean EvilNocturnal RitesNortherCeltic FrostTiamat,PoisonblackChildren of BodomAvantasiaSireniaMutiny WithinSamaelDead by AprilDestrophyDismemberWinds of PlagueXerathSolution .45CitadellionNightwishSymphony X,SoilworkCradle of FilthSabatonBehemothKataklysm,MeshuggahDimmu BorgirDeals DeathLunarseaVale of Tears,AnteriorBehind the SceneryKianaAeveronNoumenaDark LunacyIn MourningEmbryoSouldrainerSons of Senoka,SatarielMaYanWHYZDOM 

If you're after something different, check out the Diablo Swing Orchestra.


X Japan is really a great choice.

Also, try Sybreed!

Here is a lady with a set of pipes you might like.


I would check out Children of Bodom, they are a great band that dip into many genres including death, melodic death, thrash and so many more. The guitar talent in the band is amazing and one of the main guitarists has tuned his guitar to sound like a violin.

Symphony X http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaN3pwBsRf8

And the Devin Townsend Project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiLcAD4XzdA

If your willing to dig deeper into the realms of metal, look at www.metal-archives.com

Largest archive of METAL, I've ever seen.

"could I get some suggestions without harsh vocals also?"

You lost me right there.

Had a whole list though.

try The Black Dahlia Murder and Converge.  They are bother very different from each other.

try new upcoming band from UK bloodshot dawn its very melodic thrash death metal. kinda reminds me of the good ol good metal days not that they have dissapeared but has dimmed down in south africa :(