Looking for some cheap 99%AdobeRGB Monitors

Hey Folks I'm looking for some 99%AdobeRGB Monitors, preferable under $400 and hopefully Korean. Any and all would be welcome. 1920 x 1080 is the min. resolution.

Look at the older Dell and HP 1920x1200 monitors. They fill the 99% RGB req, and can be had for $80-120 apiece.


I've done this, and have no regrets at all. Paid $70 CAD for a 1920*1200 monitor with a much lower rating for AdoveRGB, and still love it.

You can save a lot of money @thegai02 by buying used, and you help keep electronics out of landfills.


What's the size requirement?

And I third the buy used recommendation. You can get some office/school surplus stuff in great condition for next to nothing. Just looking at my University's surplus page I can get piles of old (like sub-1080p old) Dell monitors for $10 each.


Examples: these are great and $75 w/ free shipping
i have three lol

another one thats good

also good:


Thanks Guys I will definitely look into used monitors. And I will check my local landfill. Thanks for all of the links guys I really appreciate it.