Looking for qemu guest gpu hardware recomendation

<if a similar thread exists, the built in search failed me>

Heya, I’ve been really excited for, and wanting to do the IOMMU/SRIOV(?) hoop jumps with QEMU/KVM on a debian (or derivative) linux –

To-date, I’ve never been sure if the hoop jumping failed an an account of hardware, or software –

Since the hardware and attempts made are too varied to discuss, nor really significant to my interests in knowing the hardware isn’t at fault, what I come here looking for a somebody who has been running Redhat KVM with QEMU backend, to say “this specific motherboard, gpu, and generation of hardware defiantly can work because I run it myself”

Maybe that person doesn’t exist yet, and my best bet is to take less-of-a-gamble on Wikipedia’s List of IOMMU-supporting hardware

Either way, the closer the Level1Tech’s video presence comes to actually demoing/tutorializing gpu passthough from scratch, the more excited I am to commit to a build and get the parts;

If anyone does know of a working part set, I would really enjoy the confidence that at the very least I’m not starting to try cool things on hardware too old or too cheap to even consider enabling the cool

Thanks for your kindness and politeness L1T <3

intel HEDT is the best if you’re looking for a worry/hassle free experience. All nvidia gpus have the same bug, some AMD cards are bug free, while others just plain refuse to reset when you shut down the VM. All the bugs have a workaround though.

As for working part sets, there’s this:


if you have any other pressing questions about VFIO, there’s the wiki: