Looking for people to play BF3 with

I just made to the switch to Pc about a month ago and I don't know anyone that still plays BF3. Do you guys have a platoon or anything?  If you guys want you can add me on Origin: BRUC3V1LANCH 

i going to add you

cool, thank you sir.



Hey ill ad ya im in the same position as you gotta say pc is soooo much better than my consoles

haha yeah it's pretty awesome. I added you. I made the decision to jump right into keyboard and mouse and not even touch a controller too. :/ It's a hard transition. haha

I did the same and in my opinion it is a lot more accurate i dont know how i ever aimed with a pad anymore

we have a platoon  raze the world

AHHH cool. thanks a lot.

I don't much care for battlfied. You can always play with yourself though. Tried it once, i'll never go back, plus, you always win!

I'm SHEADYguy on origin, I just picked it up on the origin sale. I originally bought it on ps3 when it first launched, but hadn't played in a while since I built my first pc recently. Now I can't get enough of the awesomeness here on pc :)

BF3 has gone to shit along with it's community, I wouldn't waste my time on it.

care to explain why?


Suppression, lack of mod tools, lot's of other things. Just look at the server lists. 500 ticket rush? Are you fucking kidding me?

yeah, 500 ticket rush is the epitome of pure evil.