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Looking for OS Raspberry PI 3 or 4 HTPC

I currently am using LibreELEC 9.2.1 to run Plex, but I want to add streaming services like Prime video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, ect… I know some of these require Widevine CDM. Is there a way to add these into kodi or what are your suggestions for alternate TV friendly window manager. Also needs to be easy to use/spouse approved.

They can be integrated (theoretically) natively into Kodi.

Leia improved extensively on DRM Support for streaming services, which was a controversial topic to begin with. So in theory any streaming service can have their native plugin and use native DRM methods within Kodi without the need of starting a webbrowser or anything of the sort.

Unfortunately to my knowledge that capability isn’t used very well yet, i.e. streaming services don’t provide official support from what I know.

One issue with that is that it doesn’t seem well documented (i.e. I can’t find documentation at all apart from some changelogs).

So, the only thing that can be done so far is using Addons like Flix2Kodi to integrate streaming services via Dummy files and make the integration (more or less) seamless. I haven’t used them yet, but from what I’ve heard they work well enough. It does take some setting up beforehand though.

Thanks, I’ll look into that and see what I can come up with.