Looking for NON-gaming budget desktop

Hello guys. My brother wants to build a budget desktop for $400. He does not game (AT ALL). All he does is really watch tv shows(duel monitor is a must), browse the web, a few programs here and there, and some video decodings. Looking for a build that doesnt focus on gaming but rather raw power & speed for applications and everyday use. I was looking at logan's $400 gaming rig but I was thinking that a amd fx 6300 would be much a much better option. What do you guys think?

i'd look for a (roughly) $200 pre-built, add some ssd's

or if you want to build i'd reccomend an i3 (3220 is a common recommendation), it's by no means powerful, but perfectly fine for day to day things, integrated graphics are perfectly fine if you're not gaming, quite power efficiant, and has a very good upgrade path for the future if neccecary


I would do this as it has a quad core with fast ram is capable of doing some graphical instesive things if needed and also has plenty of storage and has a 32gb ssd with its own caching software to speed up things you use everyday.  Also has enough outs on the motherboard for multiple moniters




thanks but do u guys think going with the 6300 fx cpu will be a better option?

It would be fine but I still the think the apu is a better rounded chip for general use because other things utilize a little gpu power too.  and 6 cores for general use is over kill the extra power is better off on basic gpu power and harddrive speed

this should serve basic use just fine, you can even OC the CPU a little, at least to 4GHz, 4GB is enough ram for basic use, and its super fast at that