Looking for new mouse

Title says it all looking for new mouse

Criteria: good sturdy build quality, 4k~ dpi, not logitech (don't like) and be a no nonsense mouse.

currently looking at either a death adder 2013 (but razer is bad build quality so not sure) Steel series Sensei and Zowie EC1 (but only 2300 dpi so not sure)

and other suggestions?

I am currently using the Deathadder 2013, I really like it, nice and responsive, and the build quality of it I have found to be high. When pair with my Razer Goliathus mouse mat it glides really well and is awesome to use. Nice grip for me and also is good for gaming aswell as general use. 

I'd recommend the Corsair M45 or M65. The M45 has a plastic chassis, but an optical sensor whereas the M65 has an aluminum chassis, but a laser sensor. The M65 also has a "sniper" button, but I actually use it primarily for anything the requires finely detailed work (complex CAD drawings, digital art, etc).

I have only ever had Razer mice. I have not seen anything negative about the build quality. 

Ok those mice have peaked my interest, Corsair isn't really a mouse company, so how do they hold up? Whats the build quality like? Also how's the sensor on the M65? any acceleration?

right here my black brotha


Mionix is a tad pricy, so you really gotta sell it to me

it will last for years and years.

Mind giving me a mini summary? Pro cons I definitely did like it but at $120 its a bit more than I would like to spend without proper justification.

62 bucks on newegg



8200 dpi


pair it with this for the ultimate feel

Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface



Ok thanks, I have a crappy steel series SC2 mat t that I will be keeping for now (no room on desk atm)

as it stands with the new newegg price I think its between your mouse and the M65, thanks for the advice!