Looking for new headphones (not headset)

so i been looking for quite some time and i just cant decide on a good pair of headphones to go with. i looked at steel series but they are all ugly (in my opinion) headsets and i am not interested in a mic since i dont like voice chats so mics are just in the way and extra wire. i thought about a nice wireless set but dont know if the sound would be any good with having the wifi interference from so many wifi networks around here. then i found audio technica headphones and they look nice but dont know if they are any good... just curious what a good set would be. and as for audio that i listen to its everything so im looking for somehting with a general all around good sound but not necessarily the best of the best as that will be quite expencive. dont want any fancy things like virtual surround or eq i dont use that stuff. i am quite attracted to the "ath-ad700x" from audio technica and they look nice too... but if anyone has a recommendation for something that sounds better for same price im open to suggestions but if these are good then ill go with them... thank you for any help in advanced i look forward to hearing your thoughts... :)

If you are looking for a headphone with an extremely clear, analytical sound and don't need to blow your brains out with bass, it's hard to beat the AD700. However, if you like your music to actually have some warmth and color, I would advise you to check out the ATH-M50, which will deliver bass much more effectively then the ATH-700, and consequentially tends to have a more universal appeal.

I have a pair of Audeze lcd2's, i recommend them!

for a cheaper pair of nonwireless the razer electra are very good