Looking for new gaming headset recommendations

I'm currently looking to replace my aging headset. My experience with headsets isn't much. I've only used turtle beaches and steel series headsets. I need it to work on PC and Xbox One and price range is around $100-$150. I also have an astro mix amp so a PC headset will work as long as it's not USB. So any good recommendations?

Well how does a headset need to hook up to the Xbone?

I have an astro mix amp that runs to the xbox one controller and my pc. I currently use a 3.5 mm audio port to hook it up.

I would say something like this


You might need to buy an Y adapter like this

Then you should be all set if the M50x are a bit pricey you could always go with the slightly cheaper model

Sorry forgot to post that it needs to have a mic built into it as well.

Why wouldn't the ant lion mod mic work you attach it to your headphones?

I don't think it would let me hear voice chat with how I've got my Xbox one setup, though I'm not 100% on it though.

edit: nvm did some research and it should work.

I'm going to grab what you recommended. Thank you for the recommendation!!

Not a problem you should be pretty happy with it I have the ATH m50x and absolutely love those headphones.


The ATH m50x are good headphones. And I do agree to go down the headphone + mic route rather than the headset options, you'll get better quality for your money.

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I went with the m50x. It makes sense that overall quality would be better since there is probably a lot of EMI in the headsets.