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Looking for monitor stand that allows easy rearranging of which monitor is positioned in front of me


Currently I have a dual monitor setup consisting of a BenQ XL2430 (144hz 1080p 6 bit) and a Dell P2415Q (60hz 4k 8 bit). They are both mounted to a cheap dual monitor stand from Amazon that gets the job done but doesn’t allow for much rearranging.

My problem is I’d like to be able to easily switch which monitor is positioned in front of me. When gaming I’d like the BenQ in front of me (Dell off to the side), and when not gaming I’d like the Dell in front of me (BenQ off to the side).

Does anyone have experience solving a problem like this and can link me to a dual (or triple) monitor stand (desk mounted) that allows for easy rearranging (preferably <$200)? Or perhaps a different solution I am not thinking of? Thanks!!!


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I am a little skeptical if I’ll be able to rearrange them while mounted with this but I’ll try it out and see. Thanks!!



You definitely will, very easily.

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I have one wendell reviewed from ergotech awhile back. Similar to the one posted above. They are pretty easy to reposition. I have also used the newbayou single mount ones and they work pretty nicely as well for the price.



I suggest VonHaus Full Motion triple Monitor Mount Stand. Very good quality, heavy duty. I like that they thought of putting a clip on the stand to hold the adjustment allen wrenches so they won’t get lost. This would be a real plus for office environments where little things disappear. As usual these days, instruction manuals are always lame afterthoughts. But if you are not sure look at the review compare 5 best monitor stands

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