Looking for memory upgrade options for my Threadripper 3960x build

Hi all, looking to upgrade the memory in my TRX40 3960x from a 32gb kit to a 64gb kit,
Happy to set timings manually…

Im running a gigabyte TRX40 xtreme & 3960x, but plan on updrading to the 5970x? later this year when they hopefully arrive.
Im gaming, mining cpu & gpu aswell as running a plex server & game(s) server(s) - in windows still.

Im looking at several 8x8 3600c16 kits, but am wandering on opinions of maybe looking into a 4x16gb kit ?

I dont really want to spend the extra to go from a Gskill Trident Z 3600c16 8x8 to a Gskill neo 3600c14 8x8 ($300aud for me)

Anyone have any suggestions ?

Thank you

Are you looking for the best timings or memory capacity? I have mushkin 3600 CAS18 memory and it works great. I’d be glad to share the kit depending on what you are looking for.

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