Looking for Laptop and Desktop DDR2 2GB and higher DIMMS

So as it states, I am looking for Desktop and Laptop DDR2 2GB or higher DIMM's.
I know the price for DDR2 is kind of high right now. I've seen some kits be as high as $60 for 4GB worth.
So if you ave some, let me know and maybe we can negotiate.

Ask @Fouquin he'll know where to find a shit ton

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I got a bunch if your interested, some 2gb dimms and a bunch of 1gb ones. I can send you a picture tomorrow evening if you are interested.

I have a lot but I have no idea if they are DDR2 or DDR1 XD

Yes please send a picture. This stuff is scarce and expensive on Ebay. We recently got screwed over by a repair place that we had a motherboard repaired by. We sent in an HP DV laptop with 6GB RAM in it. Came back with no RAM in the slots and I don't feel like fighting him on Ebay over it.


Sorry about the crappy pictures I had to take them with my tablet. PM me if you have any other questions.

I may also have some laptop stuff hiding some where. Ill send you a picture of it if i can find it.

How much for the two 2GB sticks?

I really don't know make an offer I can't refuse?

I found some laptop stuff too if your interested.