Looking for inspiration

Hi everyone, I have a bunch of old laptops (MacBook Air 2014-2017) laying around the house and I am wondering what can I do with those. Do you guys have good ideas you want to share? Let me know

If they are broken, you can try board repair


Laptops could be an easy start into the homelab / homeserver hobby.
They already have Keyboard, Display, Mouse and a Computer all-in-one, so you don’t need all of those things separately for a start.

But you’ll have to look into compatibility of software with Macbooks, and those might need a dongle for Ethernet?

  • Kubernetes to deploy containers for redundancy, load balancing and general shenanigans just to learn something.

  • Tools to learn vSphere, since you can make a bunch of nodes out of those.

  • Render farm for any software that supports that functionality.

  • Share them for a [email protected] team. Choose a project you like and let them work at it.

  • Hand them out through schools to childern and families in need. I think that, especially during the pandemic, some that have been using their phones to follow remote classes would really enjoy a laptop.

Can’t really think of much more to do, but I think these are some interesting starting points.


Laptops make great home servers to start with. They even have built in UPS (assuming the batteries still work).


I think those still have relatively decent hardware. Have you tried putting Linux on it? I think those are the last few models that can run it no problem. The M1 isnt so much compatible.