Looking for Hearthstone beta

i know there's a lot of these but Im looking for a beta key for hearthstone. I bought into the beta for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and i can trade access for that game for hearthstone ill just need to add you on steam because its in my inventory.

The game is soon to move to open Beta (somewhere in January) although if you sign up for the closed Beta before then, you will be given a key before it moves to open Beta.

I signed up when it first started but i still havent been accepted.

There was a statement that said that all who had opted in before December 16th were to be given keys like a week or so ago. The next big hand out will be for everyone who opts in before January 7th. Open beta will probably happen in Q1 2014. IDK, you could try contacting Blizzard support, or go through your spam mail, or if you're using Gmail check your promotionals tab.

just wait took me 7 weeks it should take far less time for your key.