Looking for good keyboard <£100

I have been looking for a good keyboard for a while but haven't had any luck so far finding a good one/ i want some other opinions.

The problem is, I've been looking at mechanical keyboards, and i have never actually owned one or even used one so i don't really know what to look for/ what switches to look for.

i want something under £100 and i want a blue backlight preferably, if not a white one - i quite like the looks of the corsair k70

i will mostly be playing fps and indie games as well as a fair bit of typing

 Sorry if this just looks like im asking you to do my shopping for me, but i've thought about this a lot and seem to be going in circles


I couldn't recommend it enough. I own one and love it, switched from a Logitech G19 and have no regrets what so ever. Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, blue backlit, extremely well built.

Thanks, that looks great :)