Looking for Gameplay Engineers/Programmers (Unpaid for now)

Greetings! First, here’s a bit about me…

My name is Joseph Caddell. I recently founded Studio237 (https://www.stu237.com/) and I’m concepting my first original IP. I’m a 3D Artist with a little over 7 years of experience working with mostly indie development teams and recently big VFX houses such as MPC, Method Studios, and Digital Domain. I have experience working on prototypes and pitch demos that successfully landed funding and been greenlit. I’m looking to grow a solid team to help build a demo to be used as part of the pitch to publishers and investors.

Link to my personal portfolio: https://vertexhero.artstation.com/
Older website, but has more client work: http://www.vertexhero.com/client-work.html

The project thus far: (I’ll try to keep this TL;DR)…

  1. There is a narrative, but for protection of the IP I won’t give out specifics. The Basics though, is that it’s based in Georgia, USA, in the 1930’s. You play as a black farmer who’s experimenting with the dark arts to make his life better, and heal his dying father, but not everything turns out as planned.

Style: Realism
Genre: Physiological Horror; Mystery. Narrative.
What games does it remind me of?: Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, The Suffering.

  1. I have connections with a sound design studio that’s ready to pounce once funding is involved (and leads for publishers).

  2. I’m working with a buddy of mine at Polyheadron that’s worked as a writer at Ubisoft for a number of years, and soon with Richard Rouse III, another industry veteran that’s a writer.

  3. I have a few other house keeping things in place that will shoot off in different directions for funding sources, but in order for them to work we need a functioning demo with game play.

  4. Screen shots of the demo I’ve built thus far:

Team Structure :
Joseph Caddell (Project Creator)
3D Generalist, Game Designer/Artist - 7+ years.
Notable Studios:
Method Studios
Digital Domain

C.J. Kershner (Narrative Consultant)
Writer, Narrative Consultant - 17 years.
Notable Studios:
Deep Silver

Richard Rouse III (Writer)
Writer, Creative Director, Game Designer, Consultant - 21 years.
Notable Studios:
Paranoid Productions

Previous Work (A Small list of many…):
Assassin’s Creed
Homefront: The Revolution
Far Cry 4
Rainbow 6 Patriots
The Church in the Darkness
The Suffering
Snow White (Live action remake - unofficially announced))
Mouse Guard (Disney/Fox animated feature)
Jurassic World VR Expedition (Dave & Busters)
Outreach (Indie space narrative game)

And of course, if you have any questions, respond to this thread, or email me at [email protected]


Hey all! Still looking for some help. In the mean time,
I’ve done a lot more work on the pitch demo, so here are
some beauty screen shots.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the skills that you require to help move things along. I am floored by the amount of progress that you have made.


Thanks @Mastic_Warrior I’m hoping to show off some more progress in the coming weeks after the holiday season.

Hey all! We’re still looking for programmers to join the team to complete our demo.

We’ve made some great updates since the last post, both publicly, and in the background. Here’s some updates I made on my free time to the website along with a new logo, from a friend helping out with UI… http://stu237.com/

Have a good one!

One last thing, a sneak peak at some recent concept art that was completed. https://twitter.com/Studio2372

Put together a new company demo reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs4AZSWz_tE

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That was dope. I wish you the best of luck.

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Boop Still looking :slight_smile:

Also a butt load of updates since the last post…


Other Misc stuff on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Studio2372

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