Looking for feedback on my new minimalistic image gallery

I recently wanted to add an image gallery to my personal site, so I took the self-hosted forums and found quite a few options. None of them really fit what I was looking for. They all had too many features, too many UI controls, too many external dependencies, or they look as if they are their own separate application, not something I could embed in my site. Even the static image galleries like PiGallery2 didn’t look like something I wanted to integrate into my site.

So I set out to make the most minimalistic, read-only, static image gallery generator I could. Most of the code complexity is separated out into the generator app which is deleted once the gallery is made.
I think it turned out like I was hoping, like you could just put it in a folder and it would blend with any website, and not really stand out as a separate thing. It doesn’t even have any branding anywhere. There are only the basic controls, and the code is hopefully clean enough anyone could easily tweak it for their personal needs.

I would like to get some feedback from you guys before I try to share it, about the technical function, feature set, aesthetic, portability, use case limitations, even the readme.
I know the subdirectory links look pretty basic, purely functional. UI is hard.

Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

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