Looking for earphones! Any idea (sub 30$)?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I bought a pair of Philips SHE9000 because I wanted to get rid of the stock ones and was quite disappointed. To describe the problem: there are bass only in the right speaker which is very uncomfortable.

So I'm looking for the best one I can bought for 30$ (25€). The SHE9000 were intra but it hurted my ears hours after taking them out which is not good at all.

Thank you for taking care of my question!




Yup thanks for the answer :) 

I've derped a bit too on my side and I heard a lot of good reviews about it.


Here's a Belgian beer for you!


You can also investigate a little bit,there are a lot of chinese brand that do earphones well,tho you cant go wrong with pistons.Just watch out,there are a lot of fakes out there!

Yes, that's almost the first thing you see.

The problem is that I have to buy on internet to have a large choice. The shops haveonly a few products. 

And the pistons are hard to find if you do not know where they are selled!


Thanks! Greetings to you, international neighbor :)