Looking for dumb television solutions

Hey, i was looking to buy a tv but i don’t really want a smart one. Are there any brands that produce dumb TVs and export internationally? I just want to play the files i already have, i don’t want any apps, i don’t even need a tv cable.

I’m also open for more creative solutions. I was looking into just really big monitors but the cost for good panels is absurd.

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Depending on size, you can maybe get by with big-ish PC Monitors.

Public Display or Public Signage solutions may also work, trouble is them usually having some smarts built in nowadays too. They are surprisingly affordable though.
Maybe look into the “iiyama ProLite”-series.


Pricespy has a great filter function even if you don’t use it to find the best price. Here’s an example for non-smart tvs from 2015 and later with an ethernet connection https://pricespy.co.uk/c/tvs?b_1736=1&b_23731=0&r_103730=28-106.8&r_197=2015-2022&sort=price


There is an active thread, so you may find something there…


there’s always an alternative.
get a smart tv with android, and root it.

that way you can stop the telemetry from starting along with other background apps you dont want running on the tv.


Ive had really bad experience with android tvs. I expect these appliances to last about 7 years.

Android tv becomes unusable by year 3.

Well if a smart tv isn’t connected to a network,
then it’s still kinda dumb isn’t it?
Unless you can’t use them without but that would be weird.


How so? Did it become slow over time or something?

That’s how I use my Toshiba FireTV. I just disconnected wifi and blocked internet access to it on my router. so I still get some smart features but without spying.


Yeah, Android updates and an underpowered CPU.

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A smart TV without an internet connection becomes a bit like nagware. When turning it on, exiting the guide or menus, often you will be taken to a screen that’s supposed to have online content, complaining about the lack of internet connection, and just staying there until you hit a button to exit out of it. The thought of doing that several times a day, every day, for years until the TV is replaced is irritating to no end.

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So, not wanting a smart tv is like not wanting a color tv.

For instance if you play Netflix with the app it will stream in 4K, it will not when you cast it from your phone or laptop, HDMI supports 4K but your windows laptop does not.

YouTube is also better quality when you use the native app vs casting.

Samsung has beter colors than most TV’s.

Exporting a TV to another country costs money, better but it there, also the plug for power is different:), there are other connectors that are different etc. So better send the money to whoever and buy it there or if it’s for yourself buy a Samsung in a store.

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I’ve been playing around with my own verison of a Dumb TV system; DVB receiver, plugged in to a computer.
Then I can control what it shows, when, and DVR stuff for later viewing and ad skipping.

But, dusting off the old Hauppage Nova stick, it seems the house I’m in has terrible signal. So I was just better off streaming anyway.

I’ve got a smart tv but it just acts as a hdmi output for consoles, appleTV etc.

Just don’t use the tv OS? Mine isn’t even connected to the network.