Looking for cases with a “Node 202”-like layout

What are the mini-ITX cases that use a right-angle pci-e adapter, are relatively slim, and fit a full-size graphics card? I know Silverstone has the RVZ01/RVZ02/RVZ03 lines, but are there others?

Lian Li PC05S

And then there is the Cryorig Taku
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Oh yes, I’m remembering the Taku now. I do like that one. I’m definitely a fan of the clean, minimalist design.

I don’t remember the PC05S for the life of me. Though I’m sure I’ve watched that exact video too. My brain probably wrote it off because tempered glass seemed a bit crazy at the time.

The Dr. Zaber Sentry is good, but you need a smaller GPU for that case.

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