Looking for budget IEMs

I'm getting a new phone tomorrow and decided I should also buy a pair of IEMs with them. What are some good IEMs that are under < 35$?

"good" ... < $35?


Xiaomi Piston 3 (if you can find a genuine pair).

Xiaomi Piston Colorful or Piston Youth. These can be found cheapest on Gearbest. My daily drivers are the Colorfuls.

KZ ATE, ATR, HD9, ZS3. Available on aliexpress or Gearbest. I have the ATR coming in a couple weeks.

Venture Electonics Monk+ if you want earbuds. Grab them off the official Aliexpress store.

You can find a shit pair of $20 earbuds, or you can find okay $20 earbuds. Not necessarily great, but something that is above the norm in the price range.


Looking for IEMs, not earbuds.

Oh. It helps if I actually read.