Looking for best disk storage, synology type stuff? NAS stuff probably?

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting some mass storage. Mostly inspired by stuff learned at the job, providing space for various code projects.

Thing is, looking up stuff mostly lists Synology and they seem to have a lot of products out over the years, with varying specs and capacities.

And I wonder: is that even the only company providing stuff like this? Probably not?

So I guess this is a question about “what is the most capable/modern stuff and where do I find it/compare it”?

Also, I might get a system with a lot of slots, but only fill 2 and then more a while later… with more modern/better harddrives/ssd/… Should this be something I look out for? In the sense of compatibility?

Also, Gen4 PCIE is upon us? Is there modern stuff that already uses it? Maybe later?

I’ve got all these questions and am not really sure how to look at this stuff.

Any advice would be welcome.

EDIT: Oh, another thing I don’t know about: how safe is this? Suppose I put this thing on my internal network, and then some recent windows bug allows an attack access into the internal network. How to prevent access to it?

Or is that more a situation of, if that happens, there’s no protecting it?

Its hard as the disks used and type of work load will vary a lot user to user.

Unless your buying tons of NVME drives for it then it doesnt really matter

If you going to start with just like two drives, then you can probably just mess with some old hardware you have lying around.

I picked up a synology last year, 4 bays with 8tb per bay + ssd caching. Very happy for my needs with a smooth interface and many options.

However, this community will need much more information on your needs than your post provided. Speed, amount of storage, level of redundancy, secutiy depends on forward facing access & level, etc.

The main idea would be to create a bunch of directories(as needed) and mount then as NFS shares on dev environments.

I was thinking about reserving a bit of space for personal stuff, but I’m wondering if I should keep that strictly separated from dev stuff.

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