Looking for awesome people to play games with!


My name is Tom and im 14 years old. i love playing games, but i quite often dont have any friends to play them with (i have friends, but some are in other countries and most just dont come online a lot, also if they are online then we dont have a lot of games in common). So, I was woundering if there was anybody interested in skyping & playing games ETC? I have a pretty meaty machine so i can play pretty much anything and am pretty open to playing anything. i can get a bit ragey sometimes, but not too often. only other thing is that my step mum bans me from playing some games, mostly the "ones with men shooting and killing other men" *sigh*. However, when i go to my mums or my uncles (unfortunately not a lot) then i can play what i want! Anyway.


No pedos please XD,


Tom, Get yourself a new MMORPG game, that`s why they are so good, because many of those games are team games, therefor once you develop a bit your character, and start "shouting" in game for parties you meet people and sometime you form a constant teams. 


But real life friends are much more important so even if they are not gamers, its nice to hang out with them.