Looking for AGP Video Card

I'm running a Ati radeon 9000 Pro 128mb and I would like to upgrade if possible. What card would be better then this one? I would go on ebay but I thought I would ask the Tek community and maybe get a better deal then 40 bucks for an old card. Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help :)

no no no AGP, why would you want this?

Cause im a poor son of a bitch who dosnt own a pc that supports anything other then AGP haha,

An HIS AGP HD 4670 is the very last, "up to date", AGP ATI card that was ever made and it's a third party adaptation, ATI never made a reference AGP HD 4000 series graphics card. It's not going to amount to much performance wise but if you need something "newer" but cant afford a complete PC rebuild, this is your only logical option. It only supports up to DirectX 10.1 and this specific card I have used in a Pentium 4 computer. I can only recommend this card be used in a system that is running Windows XP due to the drivers for Windows Vista/7 being downright obtuse and poorly optimized.


the best AGP card i have is a Nvidia 6800GT BFG Overclock edition. I still have it next to me, not sure if it works. I don't have any AGP mobos for it :(

Would you be willing to part with that card? If it has sentimental value I understand and its not a problem.

my dad has official ownership with it so i can't He doesn't want to see it go.

That and I'm not 100% sure it works.

alright haha I dont think im willing to dish out 120 bucks for a old card on ebay but it was a good idea :)

I have an ISA sound blaster if you are looking for better audio too :) You can find AGP cards on e-bay for cheap. Or check your local crags list Kijiji or what ever.

Im not the kind of person who cares much about audio quality as long as it sounds decent im good but thanks anyway :) I have been using the same speakers for 12 years now and they still sound as good as the day I got them, maybe better.

Hmm.  An AGP ATI 9000 pro?  During that era, the best ATI card would've been the ATI 9800 Pro / XT.

Used to use 9800XT.

Have one of those sitting in a antistatic bag. Works.

Have an X1650XT - 512mb.Good card.

I'll part with either - the x1650 is better. grab it if you want it.

I have a gigabyte 4650 1gb brand new in the box with a year left of warranty on it. it has dvi, vga, and hdmi ports. 

How much would you want for that? 

I sent you a PM

They go for $75 new, and this one hasn't been used, so does $50 sound fair?

I have an ati 1600somethingXT from msi. It makes a half decent coaster after i destroyed it. :P

I thing you looking for a new motherboard and cpu instead of wasteing cash on archaic video cards....