Looking for a updated 1800-2000-$ Build

Looking for a updated 1800-2000-$ Build

Im trying to figure out what would be best price to performance ratio for a Gaming/VFX/Editing machine.

I was looking into going with the AMD 8350 8 core and getting a 780 or a gtx titan cause I need the cuda and extra V ram. but then I also considered the 4930k and a setup with 16 gigs of ram instead of 32 and a 770 or a 760. I currently cant decide and my main concern is that the 8350 overclocked wont be as good for the money when its 1-2 years from now.

Any suggestions would help just looking for some feedback before I decide. 


thx for the input that does look like it would get me what im looking for power wise but I will prob swich to ram that is only 1600 or 1866 to save little bit of cash.

Great build.  Yeah, switch the ram to some 1600mhz, you won't see improvements with such high clocked ram.

Don't get a titian Its way to much you can get 2 770's and be faster then it


titan has 6gb vram

770 has 2gb

Ya I am looking for the 4-6 gig range for V ram I game alot but mainly need for video editing/VFX and I like to max out and mod most of my games. so titan and 780 are my best options.

True. Honestly wait a week or 2 and grab the 290x which is supposedly WAY faster then the titian and is only going to be around 700$

I would love to but I use allot of Cuda accelerated programs and after effects from what i know doesn't use Open GL yet.

AMD recently announced new cards.  I'd strongly look at the R9 290x

Also has anyone used a GTX 760 4 gig model? would that be worth it in my case of use?

It would perform similar to the normal 760 but with better performance in the multi monitor and heavy mods category.


Could also try the 770 4 gb.