Looking for a tablet for my friend for xmas

I’m looking for an android tablet for my friend. He’s looking to do a lot of emulators, so if it had a kickstand caseor something that’d be cool. Or if old surface pro’s are affordable and can run linux he would think thats dope as shit. He’s likely to connect a controller and play ps1 games and stuff like that. I’ve seen tablets with integrated controllers on the sides before, but I’m having trouble finding them. I found one but its kinda naff.

I don’t know much about qualcomm chips tbh. IDK if theres powerpc tablets, but I bet they’re just hard to find. In cheap local markets in china probably. I’d know more about those chips and their power is my point.

Thanks for any help.

I dont think there are powerpc tablets yet. Openpower equipments are still prohibitively expensive these days as they are not fully in mass production mode. RISC-V is in the same situation.

Pretty much most of the android tablets of 2019 is from samsung, huawei and xiaomi. Personally I’d go for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi just to be able to flash it into LineageOS.

Alternatively, go for Pinebook Pro or a Pi-top but those does not have a touchscreen. What they do have, though, is proper keyboard and usb mouse support.

@FaunCB Check our ETAPrime’s videos, he does videos about which tablets are good for emulation. He’ll be a great guide for the journey you’re about to embark on…

Does he compare to a switch? Smitch vs galaxy? Its on the table.

I haven’t seen him do a comparison video on it, but he has a couple out that talk about the capabilities of emulation on them. I hope that helps you out some!

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Helps a lot thank you.

Haven’t had time to check today but will in a while. Does he only do name brand or does he do EVERYTHING.

I don’t believe he deals with anything in the off-branded area, but he does go into detail depending on the device. He also typically specifies what type of person should use said device. (Example: “If you’re looking for NES/SNES then use this device”)


I shouldn’t be busy tomorrow so I’ll check it out and see what all he has talked about since end of 17

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