Looking for a sanity check before building a hackintosh

Hey guys!

(please forgive the wall of text…)

-I have looked into guides and hardware compatibility and am confident that my plans will work, however it would be nice to get some verification before I start purchasing parts.

-I plan on cannibalising my current build and splitting it into a steam box for game streaming (from a 3rd computer), and a hackintosh, mainly for audio production as well as light gaming.

-I don’t really need a powerful gpu for my use case, however I will need gobs of ram for sample libraries, and likewise a powerful cpu for emulation, synthesizers and overhead for said libraries.

-Software I need to work includes: Pro tools, waves central, slate digital, kontakt, neural dsp, stl, melodyne, and guitar pro. As far as I’m aware all these are natively supported.

-Hardware I need to work includes: Focusrite 18i20 2nd gen, and razer peripherals. The audio interface is class compliant and should just work. Razer synapse 3 isn’t available on mac, and I don’t know if synapse 2 will support all my peripherals. However I’m confident they’ll all work, at worst perhaps the rgb won’t sync.

-Native mac games id like to run reasonably well include: Rome total war REMASTERED, and Civ 6. For reference I plan on upgrading my monitor to a 5120 x 1440 display.

My current pc specs are:

-Fractal era (Custom water cooled)
-X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi
-Seasonic sfx 650 gold psu
-64gb (2x32gb) corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz cl16
-Corsair Force mp600 2tb (old version)
-XPG 8200 512gb
-WD red 8tb

-As it stands my thoughts are that I will pull the cpu, ram ,and 2tb ssd for the hackintosh, sell the 2080ti and reuse the rest of the parts for the steam box. I will need to purchase an apu and some ram for the steam box. My thoughts are i’ll just pick up a 3200g, and a 2x4 kit of ram.

Do you think a 3200g will be sufficient to decoder 4k60 game streams?

For the hackintosh my proposed specs are:

-Custom rack case
-3950x (nhd15)
-Asus strix rx 580 4gb

  • Asus Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi
    -Corsair sf600 sfx 600 platinum
    -128gb (4x32) corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz cl16
    -Corsair Force mp600 2tb (boot)
    -corsair Force mp400 2tb (libraries drive)

-My reasoning for these parts is largely down to brand cohesion to satisfy my ocd.
-With regards to the gpu: i’ve looked up benchmarks on the 4gb model as opposed to the 8gb model rx580, and found that in my use case the performance difference is around 5% or so, and the price difference is around 30% or so. I should be able to play civ 6 maxed, and rome at medium, which I’m happy with.
-With regards to the psu: I need an sfx psu to fit the case I plan on building, and I know 600w is small but i’d be surprised if this rig pulls more than 300w

  • My ram is the older b die samsung chips, however the new corsair chips are hynix and I need to purchase more. The primary timings, clocks and voltage are identical but I understand that there’s no guarantee that these will play nice together. I figure docp is a long shot, however my thinking is that if I set docp, bump the SoC voltage and drop the clocks in steps I may find a stable result. Worst case I’d be surprised if 2133 didn’t work, it isn’t a huge deal as I wont be doing much gaming and I need capacity so I’m willing to make the trade off if necessary.*

Some Gotchas: I understand sleep won’t work in macos with a ryzen chip, also thunderbolt is out of the question. These aren’t deal breakers.

Have I missed anything? Is there anything here that just plain wont work?

Given your emphasis on how important CPU hp is, use an R7 5700G or the older (cheaper) R7 PRO 4750G. Do note that both chips use VEGA graphics. Also, get at least 2x8GB RAM, preferably 4x8GB or higher, depending on your budget.


I think you got lost in my post, its my fault it wasn’t very clear.
I shouldn’t have even talked about the steam box in this thread. Any way, since we’re on the topic, the apu steam box build is only intended for media consumption and streaming games from a 3rd pc in the house.
It really only needs enough power to playback 4k video, backup my sessions, and receive a game stream through steam link at 4k60.

I see. In that case, the 3200G is plenty of hp for your use case. Still, 2x 8GB won’t hurt nor will it break the bank :wink:

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