Looking for a really good Smart Watch

I'm looking for a nice smart watch and a GOOD quality Bluetooth headset, The smart watch preferably with a camera and good support.

There really isn't a good smart watch at the moment. All have to charged at least once daily with light use. The pebble can go 5-7 on one charge but it doesn't have a camera and is only black and white.

I like the Moto 360. most of the issues have been fixed. And its finally at a reasonable price. I think it just went down to $160+

i would wait for the new version of the motarola one

I have my eye on the Samsung Gear 2 as of right now.

IDK, maybe the Moto360, it looks nice, as well as being lowered in price, i think

I own the original Pebble Smart Watch and love it. I have no problem seeing it in direct sunlight and I can get the battery to last up to 14 days (turn off Bluetooth when not in use). The latest update allows us to respond to messages very easily which was a great add since android wear.

There is no camera on the Pebble but I really can't see any watch to have a need for that. (Just my opinion)

The new Pebble, called "Pebble Time", is a full color epaper display so it will look just as good in direct sunlight.

I was very skeptical of the smart watch craze but since getting one I have benefited a bunch from daily use.