Looking for a new monitor with decent response times with an IPS panel

Hi all,

I am looking into upgrading my monitors over the course the next couple of months. I am looking for a 1920x1080 IPS display around 60Hz with a decent response time.

I am currently looking at the LG 23MP68VQ, it has the desired resolution, refresh rate and display size, hell even the VESA standard which matches my monitor arm, but can I get better for roughly the same price than 5ms response time?

Also what does anyone who uses that monitor think of it? I know I can google a review, but I value you fine peoples opinion more.

Thanks in advance.

Do you actually notice that 5 ms response time?

Unless you are a professional FPS gamer anything lower than 5 ms is wasted money.

And for ~$150 or less, no, you will not find an IPS less than 5 ms.

pixel response times (1ms - 5ms) are pretty dumb and aren't much more than a marketing term.

What you really want to look up is input lag.

input lag

Bad monitors for gaming do lots of filtering and stretching with crappy processors. This can delay the input signal by as much as 35ms. (most TV's it's about that much which is why you don't want to game with a tv)

Good monitors for gaming can bypass all the processing and display 1:1. That is how you get the best reaction times in games.

Also: for fastest times use DVI-D. Slowest is displayport.