Looking for a new headset


i'm looking for a new gaming headset.

i have a view things that it has to have

- Detachable Microphone or loose mic like the Steel series siberia

- 5.1 or 7.1

- over-ear

- comfortable, i use my headset when i use my pc (i barely use my speakers)

i do not want fatal1ty crap wether it's good or not.

i was looking into these headsets:

1) Roccat Kave

2) Plantronics Gamecom 777

3) Steel series Siberia USB headet


Siberia is sick

its only emulated surround though

I recommend the Gamecom 777, Used it and it sounds great.

Gamecom 777 also emulates Surround sound since it only has 2 speakers... am i right?

Razer Carcharias

Razer Barracuda

or u can wait a while for

Razer Megalodon

reasons why i don't want the megalodon

reach: 20hz to 20khz (siberia reach: 18hz to 28khz)

pricetag: 170 f---ing euro's

The emulated sound is way better on the 777 than the Siberia, Having owned both believe me lol

Well Ive been thinking about buying this headset. It has 7.1 surround sound. Most people say they are great but hurt your ears after about 4 hours. Honestly though, I don't know why you game, listen to music, or watch movies for that long.

$40 + "free" 2 gb thumb drive


i need to get those razer car's

cause i have my headphones on 8-24hours a day

and there suppose to be ultra comfy

with great sound

I wouldn't recommend 5.1 or 7.1 headsets...

if you know anything about audio you know that:

- smaller drivers mean less crisp sound

- smaller drivers will blow out at lower volumes than larger drivers

- one large driver in each cup vs. 4 in each earcup = no difference when it comes to 3D sound (large drivers can produce the same 3D sound that multiple drivers do)

- cramming multiple drivers into one earcup increases the chance of something going wrong

Don't believe me? Search the internets...

My solution: Get a nice pair of stereo headphones and buy the zalman clip-on mic... you won't regret it

so your saying dont buy headphones that tell you what direction your geting hit from?

do you even game?

yes, i do game

I play cs:s with my $100 stereo headphones and I can tell exactly where someone is coming from

50mm drivers ftw

get the ear force HPA2!!

i rather have emulated surround sound, i have a 5.1 headset right now and i have the feeling i am missing sounds (example the bolt of a sniper rifle or the swapping of a weapon)

(cod4, where sound is a vital tool in game)

oh.. and i heard the gamecom 777 sucks for music..

I just got the 5.1 and i really like it. clean mic sound and really good sound quality. also has a subwoofer in each side. subwoofers FTW

HaruhiOtaku wrote 1 week ago ยป

Siberia is sick

its only emulated surround though

I recommend the Gamecom 777, Used it and it sounds great.

i has it. . . it's the shit! X}

@ danny, which headset are you talking about?

penis headphones

i used sennheiser pmx100's before. stereo headphones, but great sound quality. i'd usually be able to tell where someone is coming from.

my problem with it was that i felt uncomfortable with the foam pads (especially when i start to perspire due to the summer heat)

so i bought the siberia full size red headset. a little better for gaming. but not as good as the sennheiser when used with my ipod.

i'm going to look for the "Sennheiser HD 515 G4ME" in america, if people can
hear everything in cod4 with Just a Hi-Fi headphone i am going to hear
enough with HiFi headphones optimized for gaming

should be around 80$

for the mic il buy a clip-on one from zalman i think...

how about this?