Looking for a new headset

Believe it or not my psyko's are a little uncomfortable and heavy, they also are starting to bleed sound very badly. As such I would like to buy a new pair if you would have any suggestions this would be great.
I require it to:

  • be comfortable and not weight 50lbs like my psykos
  • Good sound I will be listening to music too as well as gaming
  • Surround sound not neccesary, but virtual would be nice touch though

For pricing it doesn't really matter. Fire away 

I currently enjoy using a pair or creative sound blasters recon 3d headset it's very comfortable the noice cancellation is suberb and the bass on this headset is incredible.

I really reccomend it.

I would recommend a Corsair Vengance 1500. or 1300. awesome.

They are quite alright for the price. But on a sound-level, they are a bit, "Meh, okay".

If price isn't a problem, I'd reccoment Beyerdynamic DT770's,  or QPAD's version of this headset (with mic) QPAD QH-1339.

The sound is epicly good in these, and the whole headset got an awesome feeling of quality.

The Audio Technica ATH AD700's get wonderful reviews. I have the closed version (A700) and they're great. Incredibly comfortable (Seriously. If you can try them on at a store or from a friend, try to do so) and the sound quality is excellent. But you'll want to read reviews of course. But for the love of satan don't buy any gaming branded headset - there's a good chance you're wasting your money. I'd be damn skeptical about anything advertised as surround sound (5 or 7 channel in a headphone) too.

OmarSy that is a sound card I do not like the feel of the creative headsets, the corsairs are on the table with maybe the new razer tiamat or steelseries siberia V2's or 7h any other suggestions on the best of those would be great thx

Astro A40's PC/Console Headset. LOVE THEM!

If you have a lot of money to spend, please, for the love of god dont buy a "gaming"  headset, you can possibly get SO much more quality if you dont buy something thats built for gaming,  I reccomend the Audio Technica ATH-M50 in combination with this: http://www.modmic.com/, its the ultimate setup, im buying it in a month.



check out the Gamescom 780, i ove mine but there a little hard to get use to, also check out the new razer Krakens http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-kraken-pro .

link to my video i made on the 780s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIdYY-dsb5c&list=UU13IIJhq2C4VTP7lQbIT2Yw&index=2&feature=plcp