Looking for a large USB *3.1 Gen 2* Hub

Hi everyone!
I’m searching for a large (10ports+) 3.1 Gen 2 hub. This one comes close:


But only supports 3.0 speed. It needs to have a type C connector but having trouble finding a true 3.1 hub


What does “large” mean? (port count wise?)
Any other features needed (clamp, indicator lights, switches on the ports, etc.)?
Use case would also be helpful.

A suggestion:

Another: 10 Port with external power adapter.

10 ports+ sorry

I’ve edited my post. I keep forgetting USB 3.0 is now 3.1 Gen 1 lol

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The naming is… a clusterfuck.

Table about USB3.x from here

So you are looking for USB3.2 Gen2 with USB-C, right?
For what exactly?

Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t think that what you’re looking for really exists yet. I found a ridiculous piece of enterprise grade gear that almost matches what you describe but It’s almost $2000, it’s rackmount, it only supplies 5gb/s per port and it requires a thunderbolt interface.

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I was starting to suspect that

Future proofing, Multiple Portalble SSDs with video media files, cable management :slight_smile: