Looking for a laptop thats Linux friendly

So I am looking laptop that is Linux friendly.

-15 inch 1080p screen
-No disk drive
-Great battery life
-Dedicated GPU not required, IGPU is fine
-Storage don't care as long as it has a mSATA port or SATA compatible with standard 7mm SSDs
-CPU 4 core 8 thread

Please list suggestions that meet all the requirements.
Also Should I wait for Ryzen to appear in laptops?

Note: My two previous laptops (Samsung NP880, MSI GS70) hated linux so much only about half the stuff worked. Unfortunately or fortunately the MSI bricked itself while flashing bios (not my fault) and the Samsung has one foot in the grave (USB 3.0 ports turned into 2.0, HDMI port outputs static, battery exploded, intermittent wifi...).

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MSI should have replaced your bricked device. They did for me.


Lenovo Y40-70, Asus G50V, or Lenovo B575.

Good luck.

I have a Dell xps 15(last year's with the 960) non touch that runs fedora 25 with 0 issues. It also ran mint flawlessly too.

Overall the laptop is brilliant as well, it's small for a 15" so it's extra portable.


I fixed a spelling mistake in the title.

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Cheaper alternative to the Dell XPS 15: HP Envy 15

Well what did you go for ? I’m interested as im on the same hunt for a laptop.

Thanks in advance

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…Yeah what happened?

…me too :slight_smile:

People in the Europe:

People in the North America:

I ended up getting the "Aether"


Could you review the Aether? what spec did you go for? Was entroware okay to deal with?

Acer P256 or whatever it is works perfectly fine with Linux. The laptop and desktop debate though stretches many places and things and bits. Don’t touch the squishy,