Looking for a good pc build

need a good high quality gaming pc that shouuld run all my games  at 1080p.  my budget is around $1000 but i can go a little bit over  if  needed. thanks to anyone who helps!!!

It would be best if you started the actual list of parts, that way it is customize to the way that you want it or envision. The Members of the forum will just help out with compatibility issues, opinions on parts, and ways for to really make your build stand out.

A Website that really helps is http://pcpartpicker.com/   

If you will post the list we will be happy to help.

Ya I highly suggest you look into parts yourself, you learn a lot and it's the most fun part of the build.

^ I agree with MrNotFlyWhiteGuy, it is tons of fun picking your own parts, I am after a $1000 build myslef, and I can't wait to pick out the parts (when I have the time).

We need more info to be helpful, but ive put a list together you can base your setup on. I will be building this PC in a week or so. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1n17C

Most important info is whether your budget included peripheral or only the PC itself.

I suggest you go on youtube and watch Newegg's PC building guide, and picking parts is fun. Ive spent way to much time on it :P