Looking for a good mouse under $50

Looking for a nice Mouse that i can use for gaming under $50 i just upgraded my keyboard and now i need a better mouse, my current mouse is way too light and in BF4 when i turn i have to lift the mouse up to complete the turn i dont know if its a habit but its annoying me and i probably need a mouse that i can change the DPI on too fit my preference.

the razer death adder black edition/2013edition, logitech g400s, and corsair m40 are probably some of the best for FPS games


Has dpi adjust button as well as adjustable weight.

Logitech G400s.  Great quality, great feel in the hand, great gaming performance and adjustable DPI on the fly.  I have one myself.  

I would recommend 

Razer Abyssus : 3500dpi, no programmable buttons, feels great in the hand and really good build quality

Logitech G300: 2500 dpi, 9 programmable buttons, User-configurable lighting, ambidextrous, feels good but could be better

In the end they are both great gaming mice and the ultimately it depends on the type of games that you play but, if you mostly play FPS i recommend the Razer Abysuss. Happy Gaming ! :)

If you find picking up the mouse is a pain then you are probably a high sensitivity gamer. So you likely need to increase the sensitivity in game or set a higher DPI setting in game or get a higher DPI mouse. But obviously I would try settings before purchasing a new mouse.

The other thing to consider is that you mouse (and most mice) aren't very good gaming. They have angle snapping, and jitter and acceleration and lots of other problems that cause gamers a lot of grief. There are only a small selection of mice that don't suffer from these problems and you may want to take the opportunity to get a "flawless" sensor mouse.

Which is right for you depends on how you hold the mouse, are you a claw, fingertip or palm gripper? You can't go wrong with any of the Zowie mice, all of them are flawless and they have different sizes and shapes for the different grips. The g400s is a palm holders mouse than is flawless and there are a few others as well.