Looking For A Good MMORPG

Hey, can anyone help? Im looking for a really good Free MMorpg, without cash shops and paying for extra content, everything is free
ahaha yeah... i sound like a cheap ass but w/e, im bored and i dont wanna pay for any extra content that is on the current MMORPGSHelp Plz? xD

Hmm im not too sure about this one coz i found it a few days ago, its free to download and free to play but tbh i think you really need to pay for the quality


Try Guild Wars, you just need to buy the game first and then everything else is free. I only suggest it because I haven't seen any free mmorpg's out there that don't have cash shops and stuff.

Age of Conan

Isn't Age of Conan like 25 gb?

MU online?
pretty average but what else would you expect from a free MMO?

It is, buy the retail version, download 1gb patch.

I've been playing Shaiya, but I found out about Runes of Magic, and it's basically a free WoW rip.. But its better... I like it, and the magi kickass..


Shin Megami Tensei - IMAGINE
^ The only good MMORPG Ever Made.

Private servers of all of the MMOs you can think of?

Step 1 - build a time machine
Step 2 - go back to 1998 and play Ultima Online
Step 3 - realize that everything available today is just watered-down bullshit for limp wristed panzies who are afraid of pvp and losing their items.
Step 4 - despair

this song tells the tale of what happened to that game:Â http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsac7vlOsNg
(protip: felucca = pvp land, trammel = no pvp)


Best game ever.

Check out Mortal Online, Div. The devs are big fans of pre-trammel UO, they even did a PVP event a few months ago on a pre-trammel free shard, and yes they were all playing too. It's full loot PvP, full player driven economy, etc. It's in closed beta right now.

holy shit. i just read the FAQ. so it turns out theyre using a skill based system instead of a level based? this is exactly what i wanted, i hate "leveling" and i loved the way in UO you worked on individual skills to get more powerful. full world pvp and full loot are also necessary features. These guys seem to have their shit together, thanks for showing it to me, hopefully i can get into the beta!Â

Guild wars if you don't mind paying for it, free online play however. I've been playing it for years now and have over 6,000hrs on it. Very fun in both PvE and PvP.




so were back at square one now....

yes it seams we have a stalemate