Looking for a good dungeon crawler

I am looking for a good dungeon crawler for cheap. I have been thinking about getting Arx Fatalis from gog.com. What do you guys/gals think?

I wish I knew what you've played.  I love a good dungeon crawl!

the legend of Grimrock is becoming a favorite of mine, but if you have not played Wizardry 8, you should go for that. Might and Magic 6 provided me with a lot of entertainment, and is one I played through many times.

whats been your favorite crawler thus far?

A really good obvious one is torchlight II

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I second Legend of Grimrock; really enjoyable game.

Legends of Yore isn't bad, it's a rougelike/dungeon crawler for PC, iOS and Android

I haven't played too many dungeon crawlers which is why I came here to ask for suggestions. I have played Demon's Souls for PS3, King's Field for the PS1,really good by the way if you don't mind blocky graphics. Let's see what else.......I have Shadow Tower for PS1 but it's still sealed and it looks great on my shelf so I don't know if I should open it or not.

 Diablo I and II, I played those. I have played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim but those are not dungeon crawlers at least they are not what I think of when I think of dungeon crawlers.

Is Legend of Grimrock good for beginners?


Legend of Grimrock is pretty tough, not Wizardry 8 hard, but still up there.  I thought Arx Fatalis was a great game, the final patch fixes a lot of things, and there are mods for the game that fix other things.


check these ones out on gog:


Guess I will show my age here and not know if you want graphics in this crawler? If you want a good rougelike, check out zangband - if you get the final build of it there is a bug that enables infinite money and speeds up the game (PM me so I don’t spoil it). I discovered the bug on my own after many hours so it doesn’t feel like cheating. But you can start the game, get infinite money and have fun shopping the randomly generated world.

I grew up playing MacMoria on my Mac Performa then found umoria in college. With the lockdown it makes sense to go back to games that are familiar and comfortable, and zangbad is essentially the same as Moria, has the same commands, just much harder. I beat it once and swore I would never play it again but quarantine has had me change my mind.

It’s color ascii graphics but still a favorite of mine as I like a challenge. Figuring out how to beat it is fun.

Nobody probably knows what the hell I am talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

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7 years too late :blush:

I’ve played Tyranny.

It’s pretty good, I think it’s a better rpg than diablo.

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