Looking for a comfy office chair

My wheel on my chair has broken after 5 years of owning it and I’m in search of a new chair.

I wanted to see what y’all recommend for sturdy, reasonably priced office chairs.


  1. Support a heavy weight (350~ pounds)
  2. Long sitting sessions without ass fatigue.
  3. No flashy “gamer” chairs please
  4. Reputable, ship from online store to home. :smiley:

Y don’t you just replace the wheels of your old chair?
I mean if the chair is fine and the wheels are the only thing wrong with it…

The whole wheel snapped off and isn’t fixable unfortunately.

With a bit of unreasonable force, you can get the wheels off.
Unless you can get the same ones, you would want to replace them all.

There was a recent thread about a similar topic. In that thread the price point was ~$350.00?

got a link?

sorry, can’t find. The search button turns up a bunch…


Scroll down to " office chair recommendations"

breakage of wheel from the chair is real pain in the ass… As the fuzzing sound it creates when the steel and floor scratch together…

buying a new office chair which should be comfortable and breathable that can be used for longer hours, is really a tough job to do it.

The top notch qualities I look for, are as follows:

  • Adjustable
  • headrest must be available
  • comfort for longer work hours
  • affordable
  • supports a heavy weight too upto 400 lbs
  • and material it is made up of

Boss Caressoft Plus is a good option for you… which can bear your weight, which you can buy in your budget, and it’s long lasting material will never disappoint you… you can consider this office chair which is under 400 dollars

if you have any further query regarding this chair, you can ask

What I can suggest after trying them personally:

  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Herman Miller Embody
  • Steelcase Gesture
  • Steelcase Leap v2

I bought the two HM chairs; 10 year, comprehensive warranty + very well made materials and engineering + looks pretty sexy :slight_smile:

Be prepared to spend $1500-2000 though; I think the Steelcase options are more a $1000-1300 cost

You can go to this channel for more comprehensive reviews and more options:
Ahnestly - YouTube