Looking for a case to finalize my build

I am putting the final touches on my build, but I am looking for a good case. I have previously considered the Fractal Design R4 and have read good reviews of it, but I don't find the design very appealing. While I know it is a high quality case, I would like a few more options to chose from. I would apppreicate it if I could get some suggestions on which cases you like other than the R4. I would like to keep it under $100 if possible (a tad over is fine) and I need it to fit an ATX motherboard, have front panel USB and headphone/microphone jacks, and hopefully have a nice looking design.


Thanks for the help guys!

- BlueFusion12

Here are two cases that suit your needs and are very appealing to the eye:



I second the Corsair C70. I use this case as my main rig and like it for its incredibly durable build quality, which is all steel. The one gripe I have with it is the screwholes for fans, they're actually a bit bigger than the screw heads themselves, but just get a few washers and you've got a case built like a tank.


also it has handles... They're certainly not coming off, if your worried about them.

As a testimony to its stregnth, I strung it up by the handles.

Arc Midi R2.

I've got the Cooler master Storm Scout II Advanced. Comes with 2 front fans and one rear, with plenty of room for all the components (includes a partially removable HDD cage for longer videocards) and it looks sexy as hell :D Also, it's slightly less than 100 (94.99), has USB 2.0, 3.0 and audio/mic jacks on the front panel as well as a handy dandy carrying handle. It has enough space to house some of the largest CPU fans on the market (barely though) but that shouldn't be a problem.


Also the front fans are LED fans, but they can be toggled with a button on top of the case.

You might not be able to fit any rads on the top of the case though. Regular fans are fine (as long as they are not too thick) and you CAN mount the rad on the outside of the case, but it looks kinda silly.