Looking for a 4U server chassis that can hold a 360mm and 240mm radiators

I’m rearranging my server closet and am ending up getting a bigger server rack, meaning I’ll have a spare 9U rack, specifically the StarTech RK960CP, which can hold gear up to 19" in depth.

Currently, this is what my PC consists of:
CPU: Ryzen 7900X3D
Cooler: EK 360mm AIO
Motherboard: MSI X670E Ace
GPU: MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid (has a built-in 240mm AIO
PSU: Corsair HX1200
I have some M.2 drives installed onto the board directly, otherwise I have four 2.5" Samsung 870 Evo drives and one 3.5" WD Red 10TB

I’ve been trying to find a rackmount chassis that would be able hold both the 360mm radiator from the CPU cooler, the 240mm radiator from the GPU cooler, and the four 2.5" drives and one 3.5" drive.

So far I’ve only been able to find the Sliger CX4200a, but with it being 20" I don’t think it’ll be alright to put in my 19" server rack. I’ve come cross chassis that are somewhere around 17" but they don’t seem like they’ll be able handle both radiators and enough fans for them.

Anyone have suggestions for a chasses for this use case?

Watercooling in a server chassis requires parts that are specifically build for a rack chassis and your parts aren’t. So, either obtain parts that can be used in a rack chassis or convert your system to air cooling. Neither are what you want, but getting your setup transferred to a rack case isn’t realistic w/o a custom chassis, which far exceeds the value of your current machine and it’s expected lifespan.

Anything >=3U can do 3x120mm fans just fine. And manufacturers like Sliger make bog standard radiator mounts work.

Inter-Tech has their Mining-Case line:

With two rows of 3x120mm, I’m pretty sure you can fit two radiators as well.

I’ve yet to see 120mm capability for the rear exhaust. It’s pretty much always 60mm or 80mm.

Ive been eyeing their 4u chassis for a while now. Its been designed with watercooling in mind but idk about your monster gpu. Double check both specs (your gpu and their limit.

IIRC you can only use 240mm rad if you got a chungus for a GPU. With luck, your GPU could fit, or maybe mod one or both of them.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m ending up going with the Sliger CX4200a. It supports GPU’s that are up to 158mm tall and 450mm long (when you use 25mm thick front fans, or 475mm total), and my GPU being the MSI 4090 Suprim Liquid at 140mm tall and 280mm long, that should fit perfectly in the case even if I stack two sets of radiators + fans.

Doing the math on that:
That Sliger case supports 475mm long GPU’s when there is nothing installed in the front of the case
GPU radiator is 30mm without fans
CPU radiator is 27mm without fans
I’ve been double-stacking fans by adding Noctua NF-F12 to both radiators, and they are 25mm thick
So 475mm - (GPU length 280mm) - (CPU radiator 27mm) - (GPU radiator 30mm) - (100mm for 4 stacks of 25mm fans) still leaves me with 38m of clearance

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