Looking for 775 mobos

I picked up two 775 cpu's today for free. I'm not actually sure if they work or not. I don't want to pop them in my current mobo in case they mess with my current motherboard somehow. SO if anyone has any they'd be willing to part with for a good price, make sure to let me know. Thanks



Should be clear that I've already looked on newegg. I like to see what people have before I buy something that is going to be used for a build that isn't even up to date. If I wanted to buy from newegg, I wouldn't have made this. Thanks for your help, though.

yeah but think about it, who's going to sell a mobo, even if its old and used, for under 30 bucks, then you got to pay $15 shipping, might as well buy it new and have a warrenty, that's my take on it anyway

kind of pointless since most first gen APUs can beat almost any Core2Quad which were the best 775 chips, and you can build a first gen APU system for dirt cheap

I'm asking because I picked up the CPU's for free, and I enjoy messing around with computer parts that I pick up. I was just wondering if anybody had one laying around. The idea isn't to build a brand new system. It's to build a system mostly out of what I have here. 

i have someone interested in it right now, but if it dosent go through i have a MSI lga775 motherboard that i could give to you, or you can have it with some extras for a little more

Sounds intriguing enough. Message me at some point if he doesn't take the offer. Thanks.