Looking for 10G switch for lab upgrade

As the title suggests I am looking for a 10G switch for lab upgrade. I am looking for fiber options so sfp+ and higher cages all around. Apart from that I need atleast 24 ports, and low noise. I am a student in a tiny apartment and have to sleep beside my lab. Low power consumption is a plus. I prefer cli and know cisco’s environment so Aristas Brocades Junipers etc are all welcome. I am on a budget so something under 800$ US would be ideal

The only thing that fits your criteria that immediately comes to mind is mikrotik’s switch lineup - this one specifically

Problem you’re going to have with the cisco/arista/etc is noise imo


Any models you know of which allow for easy fan replacements to noctua? Those enterprise options offer many more L3+ features which the microtik wont and I would like to test some of it out

I’d check idle power of any switch for home lab stuff like Cisco idles very high last time I looked

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I mean, when you want to keep your dinner or coffee warm, go Cisco.
For reasonable power draw, go elsewhere.


L3 features also need more processor power. You can’t get 10G, L3, 24 ports and ~noiseless operation. Even the Mikrotik switch pulls like 60W and 1U 40mm Noctua fans would still require high rpm


Well, do you want a switch or a router?

For under 800 USD, maybe get a second-hand Arista 7000-series, a second-hand watercooling system (because the entry-level ones start at 140W power draw) and a second-hand 2U/3U shallow rackmount server case to bung it all in. I can’t see any possibility of anything going wrong with that /s :smiley:

I have a few passive-cooled 10G Mikrotiks that barely get warm, but I don’t use them for routing (apparently the CPU cannot keep up on some models).

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  • 2x 40 Gbps QSFP+ ports and 24x 10 Gbps SFP+
  • $500
  • 4x 100 Gbps QSFP
  • 16x 25Gbps w/ breakout cables
  • 25w before connecting SFP’s, so if you use DAC’s it wont go up much past that.
  • $800

The cheapest 10G switch that I found on ebay was a Cisco UCS-6296 Fabric Interconnect and it has 96 SFP+ ports and for me is under $150 including shipping the noise isn’t too bad but you might find otherwise (I also am a student and had it in my dorm room) Link to the 10G switch I purchased (from same seller)

The fans are hotswap not sure about ease of switching them to Noctua ones though but could take photos on the modules if your interested