Looking at buying a GTX 570. Any thoughts?

So I was looking at running up to microcenter in a week or so and i saw they are selling zotac GTX 570s in the box brand new for $149.99 after a rebate. Still a reasonably good vid card from what ive seen but i thought id get some other people's input on it. TY-HF

For $150? You could do a lot better, microcenter was liquidating them for $70 a piece in january. Consider for a moment that a 650ti goes for about $140, and the 570 is directly comparable to a 7850 which goes for about ~$170 but those extra $20 buy you a smaller TDP and a cooler card (temprature).

$150 is definately its MSRP, if you want a 570 $150 is a fair price, but i'd rather drop the $20 and buy something current gen, thats less of a headache and won't have me beating my head when i see it for sale somewhere for $90.

Although if you can accomodate the heat and power consumption buying a 570 now, and waiting for one to go for nothing would yield the best value i figure since that would give you something close to a 670 for about $100 less. Unfortunately it goes against my rules of thumb to recommend a dual gpu solution.

Also a 570 is a great workhorse card, if you want to make an editing/folding pc on a tight budget, the 570 is a great choice.

The GTX 570 is still a nice card, and it is definitely better than a GTX 650 Ti for everything that doesn't require a ton of CUDA cores, as it simply doesn't have them, but in terms of the processors that matter for rendering games, it has more than enough for most modern games. Although it is roughly comperable in AMD land to a Radeon HD 7850-7870.