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Long term use with exposed top radiator

I recently moved my system to older case from Meshify C as Gamers Nexus pointed out the rad orientation, my 360 AIO won’t fit optimally in Meshify C, and longevity of the AIO might be in jeopardy.

I was able to creatively jerry rig my rad on roof of the case. It sits nicely and securely on the roof also getting access to the room air.

I do not like having to clean my PC of the inevitable dust when running it like this so I am definitely looking into getting this on my desk at least.

I just wonder if there is any potential issue running my system like this? Temps are fantastic and I have also mounted a side intake that blows directly on my GPU. No matter what case I would choose its going to be a downgrade thermally at least.

Accidental damage to the radiator is one thing, should something fall on this for example and the radiator fins are very easily bent but noise should be another.

Also this isn’t really fantastic looking and dust is also another factor.

Furthermore Lian Li O11 XL for example would have features that I would be interested such as the hot swap HDD cages that would make my life easier.

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I ran a similar setup for a couple years in an enermax case. Its fine aside from the issues you already pointed out.

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Thanks for your reply. Did you also have it under the desk?

I had it on the desk but I dont think its a huge issue down there. Might even be better long term.

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They sell fin combs at auto stores and online for reasonably cheap. You can usually get the fins looking uniform and allow for full airflow unless it sees insane damage.

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Unless you have kids or pets, not that I can see.

If you were worried about bending fins, a 120mm (or 140mm) fan grills like the one below are cheap.


Cool, and also provides a killer airflow compared to any case

formed plexiglass or lexan cover and some rgb leds would protect and look kinda neat also


Sounds like a plan!