Long load times?

Ok so i got crysis warhead yesterday. I intalled in and the multiplayer version too. And ever sence then all my load time for games are like 4 times longer its very inoying. Any help or idea's on how to fix this would be awesome. crysis level takes honestly like 5 min to load no joke and i get sound shuttering during that time. And when i play unreal 3 i get the same shuttering on all the ingame menue's


5000+ black editon was oc to 2.9ghz but back to stock now

2gigs ddr2 800

160gig hd its not sata its couple years old

9600gt latest drivers

And a sound blaster se io think lol

And one more thing.

Once the games load they run normal.

Probably your hard drive unless you're playing UT3 online, Which it dls from the server so its probably your internet connection on that one

As for crysis, Try a defrag on your HD and if that doesnt work, Go buy a SATA lol

I have the same specs as you except I have an 8800 GS and an 120 gig sata any my games load hella quick

Try uninstalling Crysis wars, and see if it helps.

It doesn't matter that your HDD is IDE not SATA, sometimes SATA can be slower than IDE as it uses system resources for the controller while IDE doesn't.

And also try defragging your HDD, as installing large apps can make your HDD fragmented :P

even css load slow lol this sucks thanks guys

Weeman5872: You fail. lol

A SATA HDD takes almost NO system resources and if it hinders anything in your system, You fail even more for having a shitty computer. lol

An IDE drive is more likely to be laggy because motherboards nowadays come with 1 IDE connector if any, Which in turn means that its sharing a cable with a DVD/CD drive.

That means less speed and doesnt let you use your parts to their fullest potential.

If CSS is taking long to load too i guarentee you its your internet connection, Have you port forwarded?

HaruhiOtaku: no, internet would only deal with him connecting to a server. i believe hes just talking about the actual game loading up.

Oh I thought he meant connecting a server with UT3 and CSS.


did u get it from, Steam? if yes, defrag the game itself, steam can do it for you, cause when i 1st installed hl2, i had to defrag it, idk y

That wont solve his problem with Crysis and UT3. lol

I recommend this.


eh wel ide drives are just slow.... i would sugest saving up for a better computer ....

...I am sure that he may have done considering the thread is many, many, may years old :P