Lol. Kuma 7850 gets the same FPS in crysis and Sta

its all about tha $$$$$DOLLARS!!! who can afford how much! though it is kinda stoopid having a $1000 CPU and a $99 GPU! split the mooney and spend $500 on each!

This thread makes me want to kill babies.

You have to remember that when people buy i7's its not just for gaming performance. There are a load of other things that the i7's excell over other CPU's at.

i7s excel at encoding,decoding,etc gaming not so much tho. although they are faster in games but not by much or not enough to justify it's price tag

Really Rice, That is a complement in my book.

EDIT: I totally agree with you JB, i7s are good at all the day to day tasks. But when it comes to gaming AMD Cpus work just as good for less moneh.

AMD Cpus work just as good for less moneh.


FPS = ($xcores)/clock

(GPU is WAYYYYY more important than CPU, your generally wasting your money with intel)

no mater what anyone says intel is the better company and every single one knows it

I wouldn't say better,(Look up intel gets in trouble with EU) but yes they can be faster in many of benchmarks. But that doesn't mean they're just as cheap either.

Also, alot of technology that Intel uses (excluding 45nm Tech and x86 architecture) came from AMD.

Well every company has contributed in a way or another
but! Intel is always ahead of amd Intel just has better technology
why>? because they have more money and more resources then amd

dont get me wrong i am no fanboy I like intel and amd i dont mind either its jsut intel just has the upper hand


non total fail... there is not much difference in a $1000 cpu and a $400 cpu in most games (in applications, yes)... you might get a few extra fps... however, by spending an extra $100 on your gpu you will get way better fps.

Meh say what you want but I don't think Intel has the upper hand because I'm not going to pay $600 for their CPU if I can buy a $60 CPU that gets the same FPS in games, there for intel does not have the upper hand because they are not getting my money. Intel maybe faster at editing, but when it comes to games why would you pay for a Core i7 when the AMD cpus are just as fast in games? I even do a good bit of editing myself in photoshop but I don't really see the need to upgrade for that. Even my old AMD5600+ could work with very high rez with out any slow down. This is why Intel is fail imo, and I don't think I'm going to buy any Intel CPUs until they lower their prices to meet my needs like AMD does. Intel can only live off high priced CPUs that their fanboys buy without thinking about for so long.

Also it was not that long ago when AMD was like 2-3 times faster than Intel btw.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. Also for the last part they are kind of 2-3 times faster on Liquid Helium but that's a little dangerous and expensive.

it also wasnt that long ago when AMD was copying intel in everything.

but seriously the only people who buy Intels 1000 dollar cpus are people way into this stuff who dont give a fuck about money. everyone else making i7 systems are using the i7920 which is a good enough purchase.

For E-peen maybe. Imo even the 920 cost too much for a gaming PC, why would someone buy a i7 when the AMD P2s are just as fast in games, and as far as editing its not worth the extra money for someone making home movies or videos youtube, to me anyway.

To me its all about prefrence and price/budget, if your on a tight budget and you dont mind to go amd then by all means, if your on a budget but like intel your gonna find a way to buy a intel based machine. Its like comparing who has better cars Caddilac or Ferrari, its healthy competition. You fit your equipment to your needs, thats the most important thing, if your never going to game but your running 285's in tri-sli and have a 965 core i7 my question to you would be why did you waste your money...? This benchmark is just so most people will understand that they really dont "need" quad core or tri-sli even if they are gaming, they might not be playing the games that demand that like WOW etc... They can get a 4770 and a 7850 and get "decent or playable" fps on "most if not all" games... So if your thinking about playing most of these games etc and still get money from your parents dont go ask them for a 2k+ system, because you probably dont need it. I myself am a intel user always have been but as soon as i found out about amd's phenom II's i decided that the next build i do will include that processor just because its price to performance will fit my budget and my needs! Didnt mean to bore anyone just explaining my thought.

AMD hasn't copied Intel for more than 10 years. Intel's been copying AMD recently. And AMD recently played catch up but that don't matter anymore.

the i7920 is only like 30 dollars more than the only pehnom 2 that comes close to being as good of a chip. the problems not the price of the cpu but how much a good x58 board costs.

"AMD hasn't copied Intel for more than 10 years. Intel's been copying
AMD recently. And AMD recently played catch up but that don't matter
yea i suppose 10 years is a long time in terms of technology. i dont really see where intels been copying AMD though.