Hey @wendell I am not sure if you know this but there is a logo out there that looks very similar to your’s.


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Look closer at thew logo.

I thought we already figured out that logo predates L1T?



not everyone checks this madhouse the lounge, you know that right ?
However i don’t see the problem with the logo because I can not find them using it at the moment. And there are big differences between fake news russian site and tech youtube channel and site.

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I brought it up because OP was the one who mentioned it in the Lounge initially.

Oh sorry didn’t check before I spoke … (facepalm)

No worries, I don’t really blame you. The Lounge can seemingly turn from pleasant conversation to dumpster fire in approximately 13.8 seconds at times.


Why did you link it in Ukrainian?

Apart from that it is a little confusing with the page stating both that it is shut down as of August this year but also still active.

We did but I was curious of what others thought.

I have always seen the tiny difference in the logo but if you didnt look closer you would think its just a red version of the Levelonetech logo.

I could be wrong, but the L1 logo sort of resembles the very early Logitech Logo…

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Mirroring L and 1 glyphs is a pretty common design trope. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know about these logos but not too surprised by it. I’ve been thinking about dropping the outside box eventually, but I initially designed the logo to be super simple like this to make it easier for us to reproduce at a lot of sizes. (Also the stencil potential! I have some ideas to do spray paint art for the studio)


“Tell yourself at every step in the design process that someone has undoubtedly already thought of this and what can you do to really set it apart. In design, and particularly logo design, the pessimistic axiom that ‘everything has already been done’ is becoming more and more true, and it is only the virtuous designer who can continue to stand out in a sea of sameness.”

— Mike Davidson