Logitech Proteus Command Profile

I have not found a way to do this and I'm not sure if it is even possible with the Logitech Gaming Software. I have  version 8.57.145 and firmware version 88.2.16 flashed to the mouse.

I am looking to execute a specific command on the Logitech G502 mouse for the game Mechwarrior Online.

I would like one of the programmable buttons (specifically the G6 button) to Execute the mouse function "DPI Cycling" and keyboard Press "V" commands when the mouse button is pressed.

"V"  in the game toggles "Advanced Zoom" ( aka Sniper)  and "DPI Shift" would automatically raise and lower DPI when toggling in and out of Advanced Zoom.

I have the "DPI Shift" settings ready to go. I just can't figure how to get a  button depress to execute both a keypress and a mouse function.

 I finally retire my Logitech MX518 after nearly a decade of use, so a brand new mouse is taking some getting used to.


Thanks for any insight.